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Linux Cartoons

This is a place for Linux related cartoons. If you've got any to add mail me.

Fri Jun 4 1999 New Category added: Penguins pissing on Windows. (It's not crass, it's a parody, really)
Sat Jun 5 1999 New Category added: Blatantly Sexist.

Comic strips about Linux (sort of)

Now that all the offensive images have been moved to new categories, what's left on this page is pretty much Extremely violent anti-Microsoft imagery. You have been warned :)

The first one is clever though ...

Appearing in Le Virus Informatique hors serie numero 01

by Stephan Kanthak

(C) 1997 Posse Press, All rights reserved
Source: Dream

By Randy Loux

This one by Warren appeared in the NY Times (I think - does anyone have more details?)


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