Robert Brewer "A truly successful office is an environment in which people feel a sense of excitement and involvement in the culture and values of the organisation. They feel energetic, happy and creative in their work: less absenteeism and turnover, higher productivity, greater efficiency. Our work environments need to accommodate future change, elicit teamwork and informal interaction between staff and reflect the nuances of organisational culture."

Robert Brewer 

Peter Davidson "The value of extended experience brings several advantages: firstly in the area of needs analysis and building selection, an experienced eye can assess deficiencies and sustainability of buildings as well as provide insightful guidance on how the business plan is best reflected in contemporary facilities design. In exploring superior solutions we must be empathetic and authoritative. A fine balance between listening to your needs and providing firm guidance, is crucial to project success. Effective cost management extends beyond budget adherence and includes the skill to guide you on what level of funding is required for each element of the design to achieve the desired look, durability and performance criteria. Finally, we introduce contractors and furniture supplers who will perform on time, budget and quality whilst ensuring reporting procedures give you all the information you need."

Peter Davidson